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Company URBEX Ltd. operates since 1998, but its origins date back to 1st July 1977, when a craft was set up. Over the years, within the organization and investment ventures, a small family business was turned into a PBPiH URBEX, and then, after the merger with the Multiservice Facility ZUW Ltd. in 2004, into the company ZUW URBEX Ltd. employing nearly 550 people.

In 2008, after the restructuring changes URBEX Ltd. becomes the Companies Group associating several business entities with its capital. Its activity is mainly based on providing services in sectors of general, residential, industrial and engineering construction, as well as in the following sectors: commercial, design, service and maintenance, real estate development. In total, the Companies Group URBEX Ltd. employs about 1,600 people.

Gradual cooperation with customers from domestic economic sector benefits with gaining knowledge and experience, which allows to complete the the tasks given to us, as well as to response rapidly to changing market needs. Thanks to the trust of our business partners and customers, we build long-term beneficial relationships both professional and personal. We value the potential and commitment of our employees, that is why we believe in us being a reliable partner for cooperation.


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ul. Odrodzenia 35
59-300 Lubin

tel. 76 72 82 100
fax 76 72 82 103
e-mail: urbex@urbex.pl

Management of the Company:
Marian Urbaniak - President of the Board
Bożena Kaźmierska - Vice President of the Board

URBEX Ltd is registered in the District Court for Wroclaw Fabryczna, IX Economic Department of the National Court Register, the number is KRS 0000060724.

The share capital of the company is 2,500,000 PLN.

NIP 692-20-77-681
REGON 390609598